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A fan project based on Kingdom Hearts series: it focused on the exploits of Sora trying to stop the revival of the world-devouring entity named SIN through a world tournament. It'll feature a number of characters from a few different media and a couple of fan characters contributed solely for this project.
Founded 4 Years ago
Jul 18, 2012


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9 Members
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ElenaMegan' FAQs

Q: What is Kingdom Hearts: Ethereal War Tournament?

Kingdom Hearts: Ethereal War Tournament (KH: EWT for short abbreviation) is a fan fiction project that resembled a game concept based on the popular Kingdom Hearts franchise. It is also a revival fan fiction back in 2007. The story takes place after the events from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and it is focused on Sora and his friends trying to stop a legendary world-devouring beast named SIN through a world tournament, while facing various villains trying to foil his efforts as well as the appearance of a new rival.

Q: What will this project looked like?

Beside fan fiction, it includes concept art of characters, promotional materials and various "goodies" as if playing like a real game. As soon as a chapter is updated, it is possible to have interactive elements with the audience. The project also includes some massive crossovers, hence the "crossover" meaning in Kingdom Hearts. Various characters will have major roles or cameos, so be sure to look out for some familiar and new faces! In addition to that, the story will be divided into three parts.   

Q: Why there were OC or OC avatars in this?

The OC and OC Avatars are created solely to fill the story through basic interactive elements. The authors are also based on close friends the original authors has and because it is a FAN FICTION, it defies the canon material... through a smart way. The story may include original characters but they weren't necessarily a Mary Sue. The author had put a lot of efforts to focused on the plot and characters that would share a balanced spotlight that was enjoyable for the readers to read.

Q: Can I join the story too?

Unfortunately, unless the author is interested with a few cameos, only pre-registered authors can join. The limit of the teams had reach sixteen in order to make the story-based tournament flowed.

Q: How long will the pages be updated?

Due to work constraints at school (but considering this coming school year would be the last one..), it is yet undecided how long will the chapters be updated.

Ford1114's FAQs

Q: When Kingdom Hearts 3 is officially announced, will it affect this fanfic project?

UPDATED ANSWER: Now that KH3 has been announced on E3 2013, it does not seem to affect much because this story is an AU. Though there might be reference that it takes place directly in the beginning after DDD.

Q: Will there be fanart and stuff of the story?

Possibly (such as myself). I'm hoping readers who are good artists (besides me and GlowingNights) and enjoy this story would consider be interested.

Q: Will there be a TV Tropes page?

Hopefully, but not right now.

Q: What will the story be rated on


Q: Will this group be affiliate with other deviantart groups?

Yes, I did some of the good ones.

Q: What is the release date?

April 25th, 2013

Q: How many chapters to be complete?

Unknown, but knowing its going to be big, might be 60+ chapters or something.. The world missions in Part I that they visited will take roughly around two or three chapters.
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